Today’s Best Headline

This post is completely unrelated to counseling and a perfectly unsophisticated reverie into humor.  So the one thing I’ll say in a meager attempt to redeem it is that laughter is always therapeutic.  I’ve been accused of being overly serious, but it’s not that I am, it’s just that as an introvert I don’t always readily share my playful side.  It’s taken work for me to be generally playful, so I thought I’d maximize an opportunity to do so.  This revelation certainly made my day, and I’m happy to share it with fellow comic fans, Trekkies, and downright geeks alike: after all, the world of humor does not discriminate.

I had to double check today when I read this to make sure it wasn’t coming from The Onion.  Alas, it’s true.  For all of you Star Trek, X-Men, and/or Lord of the Rings fans: Patrick Stewart was married this weekend, and who officiated the ceremony, you ask?  None other than Ian McKellan.  Now, in case the humor is immediately lost on you, let me put this in perspective: Gandalf officiated Professor Xavier’s wedding!!

The brilliance of Sir Patrick Stewart’s choice of officiators is that there are a multitude of headlines we could go with, here: In an act of bi-partisan showmanship, Professor X invites Magneto to officiate his wedding ceremony, OR, Captain Picard is beamed into matrimony by the White Wizard.  I’ll let you use your curiosity and imagination in coming up with more. The better part, however, might be the myriad of costume choices I can only imagine being presented as options for Sir Ian McKellan.

Ultimately, though, who can deny the appeal of being married by the White Wizard?  Hopefully, the one ring to rule them all will see the couple to a different fate…