Good Beginnings

I’m sitting here, thinking about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl, and considering the important experiences in our lives. There are those profound moments that we never forget. Those of us who are Ravens fans can probably remember where we were and how we celebrated their first Super Bowl victory. We remember that experience of excitement that consumed our senses and put an extra spring in our step. We remember the hope of the next year and the pride we took in the victory won for our city.

There are many profound moments in life that deserve that same kind of attention and reflection. There are many, however, that we fail to mark the way we mark events like the Superbowl. For instance, how many of you have marked or remembered a point of reconciliation with a loved one that led to a closer relationship? Or, have you ever celebrated the moment of realizing you matured beyond a bad habit?

There are important emotional markers that are integral to our development. These emotional markers often get overlooked. They come at transitional intersections, where there are important endings and equally significant new beginnings.

In my office, I often talk about the importance of ending well and beginning well. Transitions should be approached with a great deal of mindfulness. Transitions give us cues to our level of maturity, our spiritual development, our emotional well-being. These transitions are worth celebrating. They are the internal milestones that propel us forward and help us to be more maturely engaged in our world.

Consider these milestones for yourself, today. How can you celebrate these experiences and develop gratitude for those in your life who have shaped that maturity in you? If you travel that road, you’ll have a unique opportunity to know yourself and your loved ones more deeply. After all, it’s not just about ending well it’s about the important beginning that unfolds afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Good Beginnings

  1. Jody Waters

    Hi Amy,
    I am so happy that you have started this website.
    Over the past year I have realized that I am no longer attracted to lots of stuff to make me feel better and to give me a high when I buy it. It is so clear to me now what I was doing for so many years. There will never be enough “cute things” to cause me to be really happy and content. This “transition” in my life has allowed me to feel very satisfied. I never would have thought about the fact that this change in me would be someting to”celebrate.” I love it!!!
    Thanks again for helping me to be me. It is such a wonderful and freeing place to be.

    • aj Post author

      Hi Jody,

      Thanks for your comment. That’s a great example of how being intentional about those transitions can help us to see growth and development in our lives. What a great opportunity for celebration! Welcome to the dialogue.

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